Consulting Services

Watson Consulting Services (WCS) provides personal, group and organizational services for growth and development.

L. W. Watson and his team of individual experts are skilled in providing coaching services and training to individuals, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and education organizations.

WCS is unique because the solutions developed to meet your needs are designed in partnership with you and/or your organizational leadership team.

Watson Consulting Services provides:

  • Individual and professional Coaching Services which consist of Life, Transitional, and Career; Executive and K-20 Administrative; Faculty and Teacher; Writing and Dissertation.
  • Training and educational modules to organizations, institutions of higher education and K-12 schools systems.
  • Motivational workshops and retreat for educational organizations, small business, and corporations

Additional topical Service areas are:

  • Leadership/Management Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Academic Writing
  • Value Added Assessment
  • Comprehensive Diversity Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Instructional and Curriculum Design