Lemuel Watson

Consulting & Coaching

Residing at the intersection of leadership and mindfulness as a researcher and practitioner, Lemuel creates spaces for silence, awareness, and self-inquiry to help individuals align their strengths, intention, and to guide and lead. Through his integrative approach, he shares transformative dedicated and integrated tools for self-renewal, personal discovery, and capacity-building that ease clients on their journey towards peace, clarity, and freedom.

Watson Consulting Services provides:

  • Individual and professional Coaching Services¬†
    • Coaching is a client specific assessment, feedback and training process that provide individuals and organizations with the tools they need to enhance performance, increase learning, and effectiveness. Coaching is based on a partnership between the coach and the individual which is focused on future objectives. The practice of coaching is goal-oriented and is based on present and future challenges. Unlike psychotherapy, coaching does not focus on the past and does not attempt to identify symptoms or a treatment plan to address psychological disorders; however, WCS will recommend individuals to qualified specialists if needed.
  • Training and educational modules to organizations. There are two types of workshops to consider.¬†
    • (a) one type of workshops is built around individuals who share similar interest in order to have a meaning experience. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together a group of professionals who can discuss and share programs, services, and solutions.
    • (b) Another type of workshop is built around individuals from different backgrounds in order to share multiple realities for creative discourse to solving business challenges.
  • Speak/Strategist/Facilitator for workshops and retreat
    • Using expertise and needs of the audience and organization, objectives and messages will be agreed upon prior to event. Making sure that the right message, tone, and impact is achieved is essential in our collaboration for best results. To inquire about Lemuel speaking at your next event, email: [email protected]