Lemuel Watson


I hold the values of sacredness, light, integrity, love, inclusion, and respect through all of my work as I engage in the world through my writing, consulting, speaking, and teaching. On becoming and growing, as a leader in small and larger organizations, I has learned to strategize for impact that humanizes the environment while honoring the sacredness and uniqueness of all individuals.

My purpose is to stand in the gap and be a light and bridge to assist individuals in discovering and living their best lives and to help organizations focus on what matters for creating an environment of belonging and impact.

I use data, theory, practice, personal experience, and intuition as guides in my work. From a new thought perspective which incorporates an interfaith, interdisciplinary, and intercultural perspectives, I strive to be relevant, relatable and skilled to address diverse audiences across various topics. I regularly speak at Unity Spiritual Centers and other places of worships and to larger and small organizations on topics of leadership, strategic change, personhood, sacredness, mindfulness, human potential, inclusion, healing, and peace.

We are constantly changing, developing, and becoming on our journey through life. Learning how to pause, reflect, accept, take actions, and move forward towards our life purpose is how I work with individuals I have coached, mentored, and lead.

I love helping people learn to trust themselves, asking questions to help one discover and excavate deep hidden issues that hold them back, to encourage them to be curious and innovative in their thought process, to tryout different practices to enhance life, and to strategize with individuals on solutions to live one’s best life.