Why Hire a Coach?

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

(a) Executive/Administrative/management –

studies show that one of the few ways top level executives and administrators learn, transform, and grow is through a process of critical reflection, questioning one’s assumptions in an environment of trust and support with the ultimate goal of learning and development.

(b) Educators (Teachers, Faculty, Coordinators) –

Professional coaching can help individuals in identifying what they really want in life while building on their existing skills and unique experiences. Whether it’s an advancement in one’s existing organizations or a career change, WCS can help the individual client develop a rationale plan of actions to improve and enhance life.

(c) Life, Transitional and Career –

This approach serves more of a mentor role for individuals. Individuals or professionals (for example, Faculty and entrepreneurs) used this approach because they work alone and in isolation; the coaches role here is to help the individual with unclear goals, to motivate and to discovering creative solutions to reach one’s fullest potential.

Again, many professionals today face a cross road in their lives due to change in personal situation or professional situation and just need a someone whom they can discuss decisions with in order to help them make a sound, solid, and informed choice and that is where WCS will help.